Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Red Hot Needles, and "Blow Your Top"

I had meant to encode this and post it some time ago, but finally got around to it this afternoon... we have here some young ladies doing a comedic radio play called "Blow Your Top", a parody of radio quiz shows. It gets cute and funny in this ten minute program, originally broadcast on Denver radio station KFEL on May 28th, 1951. This is from a 78rpm 12" acetate disc that I found in a thrift store, and, as I do with all acetate discs, bought it.

There is a cast list, and it is given at the end of the recording by the announcer.

It celaned up really well, so here it is, without any further ado... here is the Safeway Show Broadcast containing the first and only episode of "Blow Your Top".

Now, where did I put my aeroplane...


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