Thursday, August 24, 2006

A repost of some (mostly) european 45s

OK, I absolutely blew away a posting, so now I'm gonna try and re-create it.......

Starting with Jesse Crawford on a Parade 45... yes, one of THOSE. The red-brown 45 EPs with the horrendous audio quality. The first cut had a groove dig so bad it was.... sadness, but I think I reconstructed enough of it to make some sense...

Jesse Crawford made a LOT of recordings, from the 78 era up into the early 1960s. And, yes, most all of them sound like this. Some of his theater organ recordings are worth finding though!

Some Enchanted Evening
Bali Hai
Just One Way to Say I Love You
Let's Take An Old-Fashioned Walk

We go now to Europe, and a 1961 German Philips EP of some hymns and chorales, performed by Uwe Rohl... As you can see, I put up the back of the sleeve that has the German lyrics, in case you are motivated to sing along :) If you want the full size scan, click here.

O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden
Jesu meine Freunde
So Nimm denn meine Hande
Jesus meine Zuversicht

Some nice work in the church, of where I know not.... but one thing about churches in Europe, most all have organs, they all have their own personalities, and they're all brilliant, in their own way.

We move from the sacred to the secular, to be exact, some volkslied, sung by a rather good Austrian boys choir, the Wiener Sangerknaben, recorded in 1959 on German Philips. I'll let you go to the full size sleeve back for all the soloist info and lyrics here.

Das Echo
La Gironetta
Bruderlein fein

Moving now to 1960 and another kind of modern volkslied, we present a German Polydor EP of 4 popular tunes about life in Berlin. These pop tunes were known as schlagers, or, more precisely on this EP, Schlagerbrucke nach Berlin.

Das Cornel-Trio - Wer mal am Kurfurstendamm
Bully Buhlan - Ich hab' noch einen Koffer
Friedel Hensch und die Cyprys - Ich kauf mir ein Grundstuck
Bully Buhlan - Lieber Leierkastenmann

Again, more orchestral credits can be found on the full size scan of the back of the sleeve.

Enjoy these, because the next posting will be one of those things that you won't be able to get out of your mind for a lo-o-o-o-ong time.



  • Do you have any Horst Fischer? I've been trying to get hold of his version of Kentucky Melody for me Ma for awhile.

    By Blogger wooodenelephant, at 9:11 AM  

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